Rathcoole Holy Family National School

A two-wall mural and a sculpture-of-sorts for a primary school in Dublin as part of the Per Cent For Arts Scheme. Collage workshops were held with the children of the school, which were then incorporated into the artwork.

The sculptures were inspired by workshops on the theme of seasons by the junior pupils of the school. The shapes were made from galvanised steel, and represent the changes throughout a year. 

The murals were developed as a result of workshops on the theme of Irish Myths and legends with the senior pupils. From left to right, Fionn MacCumhaill, the Children of Lir, Oisin and Niamh in Tír na Óg, and the Salmon of Knowledge are depicted.

Mural installed by Mack Signs.


Can We Talk About Consent?

This book breaks down the basics of how to have healthy relationships in every aspect of life for readers aged 14 years and older. 

Written by Justin Hancock, published by Quarto


High Tides

A mobile site for swimmers. It provides downloadable high tide calendars for over 100 swimming locations in Ireland. 

Tidal predictions are calculated using global tide models derived from 20 years of altimeter and tide gauge data. The high tides are then interpreted as calendars for the current month, and can be downloaded to use as phone backgrounds. 

Developed with Brian Rogers.

Press: The Locals, Lovin.ie


Facebook Partner Centre   

Three lasercut wood murals for Facebook Dublin.

These came from ideas of community and interdependency. The walls are across three locations in the Facebook Partner Centre. 27 figures were lasercut, disassembled, painted, reassembled and attached to the walls. Over 300 individual pieces were used altogether.

In partnership with the Analog Lab.


The Great Irish Weather Book

An illustrated guide to irish weather by meterologist Joanna Donnelly, for children aged 7-12.

The book was a number one bestseller in Ireland and was nominated for Children’s Book Of The Year at the Irish Book Awards. It won the Judge’s Award at the Childrens Books Ireland Awards.

Cover design by Graham Thew. Published by Gill Books.